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The welcome channel allows you to greet people with a message and image when they join your Discord.


Before you set up the channel, make sure you have made the following checks first:

  • You have Manage Server permission or are the owner of the Discord server.
  • The bot has Send Messages and Attach Files permission for the channel where it should send the welcome messsages.

For simplicity reasons will the shown commands here use the default prefix (p.).
If you have set a different prefix, use that instead.

Video Tutorial

Here is a video explaining the steps below.

Step 1: Set a channel

Required step? Yes
Default: None

You first have to set a channel, before you can greet people.
To do that, run p.welcome channel set #channel where #channel is the channel you want to use for greeting people.

Reset this using p.welcome channel reset

Step 2: Set a background

Required step? No
Default: color_white

Set a background that will be used on the image.
The syntax is p.welcome bg set <background> where <background> is one of the available backgrounds.

Reset this using p.welcome bg reset

Step 3: Set an icon

Required step? No
Default: purr

You can set an icon, which is shown on the right side of the image.
Use p.welcome icon set <icon> where <icon> is one of the available icons.

Reset this using p.welcome icon reset

Step 4: Set a text color

Required step? No
Default: hex:000000

The default font color isn't visible on all backgrounds. For that can you change it with .welcome color set <color>.
<color> has to be either hex:rrggbb, rgb:r,g,b or random.

Reset this using p.welcome color reset

Step 5: Set a message

Required step? No
Default: Welcome {mention}!

You can set your very own welcome message that is shown next to the image.
To do that run p.welcome msg set <message> where <message> can be anything you want.
You can also use placeholders in the message:

  • {count} / {members} The member count of the Discord (e.g. 1000).
  • {count_formatted} / {members_formatted} The member count of the Discord but formatted (e.g. 1,000).
  • {guild} / {server} The name of the Discord.
  • {mention} The joined user as a mention.
  • {name} / {username} The name of the joined user.
  • {c_mention:<id>} A channel-mention. <id> has to be a Text Channel id (Other channel types won't work).
  • {c_name:<id>} The name of a channel. <id> has to be a channel id.
  • {r_mention:<id>} A role-mention. <id> has to be a role id.
  • {r_name:<id>} The name of a role. <id> has to be a role id.
  • {tag} The tag (username and discriminator) of the user.

Reset this using p.welcome msg reset

Final Step: Testing

Required step? No
Default: Uses saved values

You can see the current message and image set by running p.welcome test
This will generate a message similar to the one which would be shown for joining members.

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