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This page lists different credits for all the different things used by either *Purr* or for other things on the GitHub organisation.

Used Libraries and utilities


Thanks to the following people, who provide their libraries used by *Purr*

Library Author License Used for
Caffeine @ben-manes Apache 2.0 Caching various different information.
Discord-Webhooks @MinnDevelopment Apache 2.0 Sending Webhook messages in Discord.
Gson @google Apache 2.0 Parsing and (de)serialization of JSON.
JDA @DV8FromTheWorld Apache 2.0 Logging into Discord and using their API.
jda-command @rainestormee Apache 2.0 Adding and managing commands in Discord.
RethinkDB @RethinkDB Apache 2.0 Database management.


Thanks to the following people, providing software to make this documentation possible!

Software Author Licesne Used for
MkDocs @MkDocs BSD-2-Clause Building this documentation.
MkDocs-Material @squidfunk MIT Theme of this documentation.
PyMdown-extensions @facelessuser MIT Extensions for the documentation