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Terms of Service

Usage Agreement

These Terms will apply when using the ImageAPI by either connecting to and all its sub-pages, using the API in your own services or by using it through the Bot *Purr*.

Intended Use

The APIs are intended to be used for software and projects mostly aimed at Discord, but may also be used on other sites and services, as long as the targeted site/service allows this.


The API is not affiliated with, supported or made by Discord Inc.
No Trademark material from Discord Inc is used within the API. Any depicted images are the intelectual property of their respective owners and no claim of ownership of these images is done by the owner of the API.


The owner cannot be made responsible for sensitive data - as described in the Privacy Policy below - being used in malicious ways or for things outside of the APIs intended use.
The user is solely responsible for the data provided and for its intendet use.

We reserve the right to update these terms at our own discretion, giving you a 1-Week (7 days) period to opt out of these terms if you're not agreeing with the new changes.
You may opt out by not utilizing the API as described above.

Privacy Policy

Used Information

The API may use sensitive information such as username, nickname, avatar or content of a message to provide core functionalities.
These information will only be used when provided by an end user directly.

Stored Information

No sensitive information - As described in Discord's Developer Terms of Service - is stored.
The APIs may log anonymous information, such as performed requests, type of request, time of execution and towards which endpoint. This information cannot be traced back to any individual and is not shared with any 3rd-party site or service.