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Contribute towards the Projects

We're always happy for people who want to help us improve our various projects.
But before you blindly dive into the stuff, keep the following things in mind.


The documentation (The site you're currently on) is located here and we're happy over every improvement made, being it the addition of missing information, fixing style-issues or even just correcting minor typos.

Before you start, make sure you've read the formatting help page to know everything important about the styling of the docs.
Also make sure to read the contributions section of the README.


I (Andre_601) are not the best developer, so there are sure some problematic Coding decision made in the code of *Purr*.
That's why I'm always happy to receive Pull requests to improve and fix things.
Please make sure to follow the contributing guidelines for the repository.


Similar to the bot are the APIs not the best in terms of code.
Feel free to submit any Pull requests to improve them.

You can find the source codes here and here.


We welcome every kind of translation. This even includes those that don't really exist (Are a joke-language like Klingon... No hate towards those guys).
To become a translator, contact Andre_601#0601 on Discord, so that he can add you as a translator to the Translation page.