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This page contains the general Terms of Service, Privacy Policy and other useful information needed.
By visiting it do you agree to have read it.


Term Description
Terms The main Terms of Service of the bot
API Terms The Terms of Service of the API
Policy The privacy Policy
Owner The Developer and official owner of the Bot Account (Andre_601)
Bot The Discord Bot *Purr*
Guild The Discord Server the bot may get invited and used in
Site The website located under


Terms of Service

These terms apply when inviting or using the Bot.

General Usage

The bot may store and use information as described in its Policy to function properly.
You aknowledge that you have the right to use and invite the bot to any Guild that you have Manage Server access towards and that this right might get revoked by the Owner for reasons such as breaking these Terms.
In addition do you also aknowledge that the Owner reserves the right to blacklist your Guild, if it is considered to break either this terms, or the Terms of Service of Discord.

Intended age

The Bot may not be used by individuals under the age of 13 years.
Furthermore is the usage of commands categorized as NSFW (Not safe for Work) not allowed for individuals under the legal age of maturity in their country.
The Owner cannot be made responsible for underaged individuals using the bot and breaking the terms.


The Owner cannot be made responsible for the Bots usage in ways against these or Discord's Terms of Service.
The End User aknowledges to have read these Terms and the Terms of Service from Discord and also aknowledges that these Terms and Policy are provided as is without any warranty.
Any questions about these Terms should be send through e-mail at

Privacy Policy

Automatically stored information

The bot may automatically store the Guild Id and any default setting as described in the FAQ when it is invited to a Guild.
It doesn't store any other information automatically unless intentionally provided by the User (Usually through usage of commands).

Information stored by commands

The bot may store and/or update stored information when provided by those through the usage of commands.
Currently stored informations include the ID of the Welcome Text Channel, the Command prefix, the Welcome message, Image and Icon and the used language for responses.

Temporary stored information

The aforementioned information are kept within a internal caching mechanic of the bot for 10 minutes.
After this time is the information automatically dropped and only re-added as long as the bot remains on the Guild.

The data may be removed from cache prematurely by kicking the bot from the Guild.

Usage of Data

The stored information may be used for functionalities such as command handling and the Bots welcome feature.
No usage of the Information outside of the bot is done.

Removal of Data

Stored Information may be removed by one of the below methods:

  • Kicking or Banning the Bot from your Guild. Note that the bot has to be online to remove the data successfully.
  • Requesting removal of data through E-Mail at


We try our best to remove the stored information from our database when removal was requested as described above, but due to the nature of the bot may the data not be removed in cases, where it is kicked while it remains offline, or communication to the database gets temporary lost.
You may contact us through e-mail for if your data was removed and if not can you request removal.

Requests made through E-Mail may require additional information from you, to verify your identity and Ownership of a Guild.
Only Guildowners may request removal of data through E-Mail while any individual with sufficient permissions may remove the bot from a Guild they are part of.


Terms of Service

General Usage

These terms apply by either connecting to, one of its sub-directories or by utilizing the API either by your own software or through the Bot *Purr*.

Intended Use

The APIs are intendet to be used for software and projects mostly aimed at Discord, but may also be used on other sites and services, as long as the targeted site/service allows this.


The owner cannot be made responsible for sensitive data - as described in the Privacy Policy below - being used in malicious ways or for things outside of the APIs intendet use.
The user is solely responsible for the data provided and for its intendet use.

Privacy Policy

Used Information

The API may use sensitive information such as username, nickname, avatar or content of a message to provide core functionalities.
These information has to be provided by the user using the API.

Stored Information

No sensitive information - As described in Discord's Developer Terms of Service - is stored.
The APIs may log anonymous information, such as performed requests, type of request and towards which endpoint. This information cannot be traced back to any individual.



The Bot, API and Site are not affiliated, supported or made by Discord.
The website design was originally created by Maxee and altered by Andre_601 with his permission.
All copyright of used images, icons, symbols or other kinds of graphics belong to their respective copyright owners.

Usage of cookies

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These cookies are generated and managed by CloudFlare and are stored inside your Browser.
You may disable the creation and storage of cookies by disabling them in your Browser-Settings, but please note, that this may have a negative impact on your overall experience on the site.

You may allow temporary creation and usage of cookies, by opening the site in a Private Browser Session, which deletes any cookies after it was closed.